How could this happen? There are a few possibilities:

LU is not making enough money

  • Not enough MODELS for LU
  • Too many Free Players
  • The F2Pers don't want to pay. They think it is silly to pay.

The possible solutions are:

  • Send Letters to the LU offices with $100 bills or £50 notes or even lots of Euros
  • The LU company makes more models (all profits will go to the LU office
  • Stop Free to Play
  • Make the F2P thing limited to 1 month.

Plus, these things need to be included:

  • Third Faction Kit Valiants
  • Fire Temple
  • Frostburgh
  • (this is a SUGGESTION by me) ENEMIES in Frostburgh!

I hope this will notify the Mythrans before it closes. These things will notify you to say on the MB's . Poor little fella. Will we see him in a future world?

DudeSkater over and out.