Over the past few weeks, there have been many people that have proposed ideas concerning saving LEGO Universe. Here are some of those ideas.

Creating a private server.

This is by far the most daring idea to save LEGO Universe proposed so far. It involves getting the rights to the game from LEGO and making a server. As of right now, a team of experts is working this out, and really hard. If you have a ton of experience with computers (This means that you know html and know a lot about how computers work, not just you knowing simple stuff.) and would like to help, then please contact me on my talk page.

Sending e-mails and letters to LEGO.

This is probably the most obvious idea, but that doesn't mean that everyone will do it. The more letters, the better. You may think that this is a lost cause, but it really isnt.

Telling your friends to get the game.

Yep. This can help. Tell two friends and tell them to tell two friends and so on. If this keeps going, we could have a couple thousand new members.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go save LEGO Universe!